International Exchange with Local Community
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1.Exchange with Local Community

The International Student Center and International Exchange Center cooperates with international exchange organizations, international student support organizations, and volunteer groups in Tochigi Prefecture to work as an exchange program between international students and the local community. Through these exchange activities, I hope that international students will have the opportunity to understand Japanese lifestyle, know Japanese culture, and make friends of Japanese and other countries. Why do not you all participate in various activities?

2.Past business results

List of various exchange programs held in the past. A large number of people participated, and we would like to ask for your continual support on our events.

A List of Local International Exchange Events in 2017
Date Event Sponsor
2017.5.13~14 Home stay Weekend in Nakagawa (Spring/Rice-planting). Nakagawamachi Board of Education
2017.5.27 Guidance and Social Party for Incoming International Students. Tochigi International Association
2017.6.15 Exchange with International Students. Tochigi Regional Council for International Students
2017.7.7 Tanabata Gathering. Tochigi Committee for Economic Development

▼ FY 2016 achievement list