Prospective International Students
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1.International Exchange Program

Utsunomiya University had entered into inter-college/inter-department student exchange agreements with 51 universities in 23 countries around the world. Students are selected to participate in the exchange by their home country universities and send to partner universities for a duration of one year or less. Please refer to the detail page for the eligibility and department and program information.

A List of Partner Schools

2.Undergraduate/Graduate Schools

Undergraduate Programs:

  • ・ Faculty of International Studies (International Social Studies/ International Cultural Studies)
  • ・ Faculty of Education (School Teacher Training Course/ Liberal Arts Bachelor of Education Program)
  • ・ Faculty of Engineering (Mechanical Systems Engineering/ Electrical and Electronic Engineering/ Applied Chemistry/ Architecture and Civil Engineering/ Information Science)
  • ・ Faculty of Agriculture (Bioproductive Science/ Environmental Engineering/ Agricultural Economics/ Forest Science)

Graduate Programs:

  • ・ Graduate School of International Studies (Master's/Doctoral Course)
  • ・ Graduate School of Education (Master's Course)
  • ・ Graduate School of Engineering (Master's/Doctoral Course)
  • ・ Graduate School of Agriculture (Master's/Doctoral Course)

for more information, please refer to the applicable department/graduate school homepage.

3.Research Fellow

Utsunomiya University offers Research Fellow System for international students who wish to pursue a research in a specific topic area. The system consists of two programs and one is for post-graduate students and the other is for post-doctoral students.

4.Japanese Language/Japanese Culture Training

Utsunomiya University offers Japanese Language/ Japanese Culture Training Programs to support international students for their academic success.

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5. Faculty Member Training

This educational program is tailored to train in-service elementary-middle school teachers from overseas. After 6 months of Japanese language training, the teachers will receive one year long on-site training.

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6.Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship Program for the Students in Science and Engineering Departments

Based on the Japan-South Korea Joint Declaration issued on 8 October, 1998, this program aims to enable promising Korean students who will lead the next generation to acquire emerging technological skills and knowledge by studying at science and engineering universities in Japan, as well as deepening mutual understanding between Japan and Korea through international student exchange. The Center for International Exchange provides Japanese language and preparatory education for the first 6 months of their arrival.