Housing / Living Conditions

Housing/Living Conditions


Utsunomiya University makes necessary arrangement for international students with financial difficulties that the International Housea and Dormitory can be accommodated for them. The tenancy period differs depending on the financial base and programs, but after recession, the student needs to find a place outside the campus. Following housing options are available for international students.

2.Living Conditions

Average monthly living expenses for international students is said to be 140,000 yen ("Lifestyle Survey of Privately Financed International Students" conducted by the Japan Student Services Organization in 2009). Please be aware that studying in Japan can be quite pricy.
Moreover, knowledge of Japanese culture is important as well, such as shopping, loans, public transportation, traffic rules, compensation and disaster prevention, so please take time to learn these basic customs.

Following site provide detailed information about what you should know when you live in Japan.

Procedures of Utsunomiya City

1.Alien Registration(at City Hall),The Social Security and Tax Number System

Foreigners who will stay in Japan more than 90 days need to follow the procedure of alien registration at city hall, which is required to register within 14 days after arriving in Utsunomiya. After registration, you will receive your Tax Number System card called My Number Card. Individual Number as nicknamed "My Number".Since My Number Card is necessary for procedures at city hall and also needed when you start working, make sure not to lose it.

For more details, please visit and check the website of Utsunomiya City for "Alien Registration".

2.About Resident in Japan

International students are permitted to say in Japan until the expiration date written in Residence Card. If you wish to extend your stay, applying for the Permission for Extension of Period of Stay is required. For extension, please submit your application for Extension of Period of Stay to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Utsunomiya Branch Office.

3.Health Care

Foreigners who will stay in Japan more than three months are required to join the national health insurance. Immediately after arriving to Japan, visit the city hall and complete the procedures for alien registration and national health insurance. By joining in the national health insurance, you will be able to receive medical treatments without financial burden.

4.Opening a Bank Account

To receive grants and for other purposes, you need to open a bank account. There is a post office in Mine Campus of Utsunomiya University, and you can open a bank account there. Bring your Residence Card, passport and seal which is called inkan in Japanese. You can make seal (inkan) at post office, too.


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2.Guidebook for International Students

Here is a guidebook for International Students, which tells about procedures of residence (how to start your part time job, how to invite your family to Japan, what to do when you moved and so on), procedures of university and life in Japan. Please read it through.