Preparing for School Life

Preparing for School Life in Japan

Starting a new life away from your accustomed cultural environment can be unimaginably stressful. You will experience differences of customs, language barrier, and behavioral patterns that you might feel distanced at first. Some students lose confidence due to the psychological stress.
However, such stressful experience is commonly found in the process of adjusting to a different culture. It is important to think of it as a mere difference of cultural environment and not to rush into any drastic conclusion. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to your friends, teachers and advisors. For sure talking your issues with someone will ease your feelings.

Classroom Culture/Part-time Jobs

Cultural differences can be reflected in people's value system, behavior patterns and communication methods. School and classroom culture also varies depending on each culture. Therefore, getting used to the school life by acquiring Japanese classroom culture will be the key to your successful study abroad experience. Moreover, international students are here under "study abroad" status in which working is not permitted. Therefore, if you wish to get a part-time job to support your tuition and other expenses, you must acquire a proper work permit in advance. You must be aware that If you get a job without or outside the scope of the work permit, you could be a subject of punishment or possibly a subject of deportation.

Messages from Current International Students

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