| Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with PAS(Gakkensai)

*All international students who have”Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing  Education and Research called “Gakkensai”  are eligible to apply for this insurance.

This insurance covers injury, illness and personal liability, that may occur during curricular activities on campus, but also during any time in daily life.

In recent years, there have been an increase in the number of accidents.

Actually, there was a case that an international student was involved in a bicycle accident and claimed for damages.

There are also cases where students have been hospitalized in Japan for illness or injury and have had to pay expensive medical expenses.

This insurance comes with out-of-court Settlement Negotiation Service. In addition, general inquires and incident reports can be handled in English. You can join this insurance according to your period of study at Utsunomiya University,

All international students, including non-regular students such as research students and exchange students are required to join this insurance so that they can study without worries.

You can join online via the QR code/URL attached to the brochure and pay the insurance premium at a convenience store. For detailed coverage and premiums, check the brochure. (print publishing: English and Chinese versions; PDF: English, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese versions are available.)

Students who have not joined this insurance yet and currently in Japan can receive the brochure in person, so please come to the International Office or email us at

exchange*miya.jm.utsunomiya-u.ac.jp. (Please change * to @ before sending.)


*When you have an accident, please download the ‘Accident Report Form’ from the URL below, and send (report) it to the designated email address.

| Comprehensive renters insurance for foreign students studying in Japan

Information on Renters Insurance, check the URL below.

Comprehensive renters insurance for foreign students studying in Japan



The insurance premium is 4,000 yen for one year or 8,000 yen for two years.

If you need to apply, please come to the International Office (Global Commons, 1st floor, Building 4, Mine Campus).