| Contents of Operations and Organization

In April, 2012, Center for International Exchange was started with reorganization of International Center of Utsunomiya University established in 2002, and the current organization was started in April, 2017. Operations of the Center are to provide Japanese language education and to give guidance and advice for international students. Moreover the Center mediates exchanges between local communities and international students.
The Center is composed of variety of staff which are led by a director and two responsible teachers and supported by cooperating teachers from the faculties.Additionally, International Student and Exchange Division takes the Center’s affairs, and the Center and the Division cooperate with each other and support international students.

| School introduction

Center Director   Yokoo Noriyoshi Center Summary (Professor of Regional Design)

Deputy Director / Professor Yumoto Hiroyuki (International Exchange Promotion)
Associate Professor Iizuka Akiko (Study Abroad Support)

| Office of Inernational Exchange

Office  established in April, 2010, is in charge of two kinds of duties about “International Students” and “International Relations” which had been undertaken by different divisions.

Main operations of International Student and Exchange Division are about;

  • Agreements of Exchange between universities
  •  Academic Exchange
  •  Student Exchange and Study Abroad
  •  Salary and Scholarship of International Students
  •  Tutor of International Students
  •  The Certifications of International Students
  •  Liaison and Coordination about acceptance of Foreign Researchers
  •  The other operations about International Students and International Relations

| Statistics Data about International Students


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