| Dormitories

International House / Student Dormitories

There are two types of university accommodation available to international students: ①International House which is only open to international students (mainly for exchange students) and ②Student Dormitories (Dormitory 1 / Dormitory 2) which is open to Japanese students and international students enrolled in regular course.

*Please note that there are not always rooms available.



Students move in either in April or October. For details on how to apply, please click here for International House (April move-in, 2024), and here for Student Dormitories (October move-in, 2023)

*Please note that we will not be accepting applications for Student Dormitories for April move-in, 2024.


| Private Apartment

Information on private apartment

If you are looking for private apartment, you can get information at the consultation counter in co-op store in the campus

Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan (Apartment Insurance)

When you apply for private apartment, sometimes you will be required to purchase the apartment insurance called “Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance for Foreign Students Studying in Japan”. The premium is 4,000 yen for one year and 8,000 yen for two years. For more details, please click here.


If you would like to purchase the apartment insurance, please visit International Office (Global Commons, 1st floor, Bldg. 4, Mine Campus) and apply for it.


Rules for Garbage Disposal

When disposing of garbage, it must be separated in a specified way and put out at a specified location on a specified date and time, or it will not be collected.