| Courses designed especially for international students

The courses listed below are designed especially for international students, as each instructor would like students from different countries to take these courses. Please refer to the list when selecting courses to take.

| Courses conducted in English

Courses conducted in English are below.

| Japanese Languages Courses offered by the Center for International Exchange

The Center for International Exchange offers Japanese language courses for international students, mainly for exchange students and government-sponsored international students.

The registration period is the same as for regular classes (April and October).

Syllabus for 2023 is now in preparation.

*Exchange students and Japanese government scholarship students (those who have continued on to graduate school are excluded) will be notified individually by the International Office.

*Graduate students and research students who strongly wish to take these courses are required to submit a form, “Course Instructions” through their supervisor to the International office.

*For undergraduate students, make sure to take courses offered by Liberal and General Education.