| For international students newly entering Japan from overseas

Effective 11 October 2022, entry restrictions has been relaxed. The main changes are as follows.

・When applying for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE), you will no longer need to submit the Confirmation Form on use of Fast Track and Visit Japan web.

・When applying for a visa, you will no longer need to submit the certificate of completion for ERFS.

・You will no longer be required to a quarantine stay on your arrival. Restrictions on the use of public transport will also be lifted.

However, there are certain rules to be taken during and after entry, so please read the following carefully and follow them.


1. When you enter Japan, you will be required to submit Vaccine certificate or Negative certificate of a pre-departure PCR test (within 72 hours prior to your departure) upon your arrival

*Make sure to check the website of Ministry of Health for the requirements for vaccination certificate and negative certificate.


vaccination certificate

Negative certificate


2.To shorten the entry procedures, make sure to use the App below.


Visit Japan



3.Once you have decided on your date of entry, please report to the International Office via the Form below.

In this form, you need to let us know your completion for your registration on Visit Japan web. Therefore, make sure to complete the registration before filling out this form.

Be sure to report the date of entry to your supervisor as well.



4.As soon as you enter the country, please submit photo data of your residence card to the International Office at : exchange*miya.jm.utsunomiya-u.ac.jp

                                                                          (Please change * to @ before sending)


5.Take your temperature until the morning of the 11th day after your arrival in Japan (if you are moving into a school dormitory, take your temperature until the morning of the 15th day)

Make sure to report to Health Service Center via the Form below, if you have a fever above 37°C or other symptoms such as sore throat, cough, runny nose, headache.



6.If you continue to feel sick after the above-mentioned period, make sure to report it via the Form above. At the same time, report to your supervisor by e-mail or other means. If you are going to cancel classes, be sure to inform your course instructor in advance.


7.Soon after arrival in Utsunomiya, make sure to join the following three types of insurance:①National Health Insurance,②Personal Accident Insurance for students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS),and ③Comprehensive Insurance for students Lives coupled with PAS.

①After arriving in Utsunomiya, you have to join the “National Health Insurance System (Kokumin Kenko Hoken)” at Utsunomiya city hall. When you show your insurance card to receptionists at a hospital or a dentist office, the 70% of your medical bill will be covered by the insurance and you only need to pay the remaining 30%.

②All students at Utsunomiya University are required to purchase the University Insurance called “Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAS)”. For enrolment procedures, Exchange students and Government Scholarship students should contact at the International Office, while other international students should contact at Yoto Division of Student Affairs and Education.