| For international students newly entering Japan from overseas

1. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (COE)

Utsunomiya University doesn’t apply for students’ COEs except for exchange students. If you live overseas and need to apply for a COE, ask an administrative scrivener (public notary) or lawyer.

See this page for the details of procedures for residence status and immigration.


2. Japan Pre-Entry Tuberculosis Screening (scheduled to begin sequentially from 2024 onward)

The Japanese Government has established a policy of introducing pre-entry Tuberculosis (TB) screening to all COE applicants from China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Philippines, and Vietnam. *There are countries from which many past visitors had been diagnosed with TB during their stay in Japan.

COE applicants from these countries must take TB screening at a medical institution designated by the Japanese Government as a panel clinic and submit a TB Clearance Certificate issued by the panel clinic when they apply for their COEs.

From 2024 onward, this system will begin upon completion of the necessary coordination with each country mentioned above. (As of December 2023, it has not yet started in any country.)

If you are a national of any target country, check the website of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), etc., regularly and collect information about the timing of the introduction of this system, and detailed procedures in your country.


Website of MHLW “Japan Pre-Entry Tuberculosis Screening”



*If you want to live in the International House (dormitory for international students), you must submit a medical certificate including the result of the chest X-ray examination to Utsunomiya University, regardless of nationality. We accept certificate issued within three months before the submission date. We will announce the dormitory application period on the website of the Center for International Exchange.


3. If you are unable to obtain a student visa before the enrollment semster begins, contact your supervisor (*except for first year undergraduate students) and the Office of International Exchange.


Email address of the Office of International Exchange



4. Once you enter Japan, submit copies of your residence card to the Office of International Exchange via email.

The email address is the same as mentioned in the 3. above.


5. Once you arrive in Utsunomiya, join ①National Health Insurance, ②Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai in Japanese), and ③Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with “Gakkensai” for International Students (which goues by the name of “Inbound Futai Gakuso” in Japanese.)


Official Website of Utsunomiya City “National Health Insurance”



Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai)



Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with “Gakkensai” for International Students (Inbound Futai Gakuso”