| MEXT Scholarship For 2024 Research students (University Recommendation)〔General Selection〕

Utsunomiya University has started accepting applications for the MEXT scholarship for 2024 (research students (University Recommendation)〔General Selection〕) to receive education and research guidance at the Graduate School of Regional Development and Creativity as follows.


This scholarship is mainly for those who are officially recommended by partner universities which has concluded bilateral exchange agreements with Utsunomiya University.

In addition, applicants must obtain consent for acceptance from a faculty member of Utsunomiya University before submitting the application materials.

The Center for International Exchange do not assist applicants in obtaining consent for acceptance from faculty members.


*The selected students initially enroll as non-regular students at Utsunomiya University. 

To be admitted to the regular course, you must take and pass the entrance examination within the prescribed period (one and a half years.)

| Application Guidelines, etc.

*This application is open to nationals of the specified countries (countries marked with a circle) in this list.


【For Applicants’ Reference: Annoucement, etc. from MEXT to each university】

| Application Process

1.Check if you are eligible to apply.
Confirm that your academic performance coefficient is 2.30 or higher (rounded down to the second decimal place), that you meet the language requirements (Japanese or English), and that you meet other application requirements, referring to the “2024 Application Guidelines (General Selection)”, and the “List of programs available in English.” To calculate your academic performance coefficient, use the “Academic performance coefficient calculation sheet.”


If it is impossible to calculate your academic performance coefficient due to your university’s grading system, it must be clearly stated on the recommendation letter from the dean level or higher (address: President of Utsunomiya University) that you are considered to be within the top 30% of the academic rankings in the university, undergraduate school, or graduate school. Then, your academic performance coefficient will be recognized as equivalent to 2.30 or higher.


*If  you wish to enroll in a program not available in English, you must meet the Japanese language requirements.


2.Obtain consent about accepting from a faculty member of UU.
After confirming that you are eligible to apply for this scholarship, contact a faculty member of Utsunomiya University under whom you wish to study and obtain consent for acceptance from him/her. Once you obtain consent for acceptance, prepare the application materials with your future supervisor.


3.Submit application documents.
Submit all the required application materials through your future supervisor via email by the deadline. Applications must arrive no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 19, 2024.  

We will not accept any applications submitted by applicants. Also, if your application materials are incomplete or you fail to submit all the required materials by the deadline, we will not accept your application.